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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

River cam summer league

Last week I was on the river cam for the 2nd round of the summer league. I drew peg d3 and the last 2 years this peg has been bang on the money, normally loads of bream in the area, so I couldn't have drawn better, so I thought!
Turns out the bream had moved further along today so I unfortunately never saw one!
I did manage to find some eels though and got 9 out of the 12 I hooked to weigh 13lb 11oz for a second in section. The winner came from d1 next to the a14 bridge catching several bream for 31lb.
In the other sections massive weights of 64lb 72lb and a whopping 94lb of bream were caught, there certainly still are some fish in the rivers!
On the day my peg was about 11 foot deep, with a fair flow, so I opted for a 2g Jean desque float, laying 6inch of line on the deck and had all the shot and Olivette just above my 6inch hook link. The reason for this was because the river was absolutely stuffed full of weed, I did manage to find 2 relatively clear spots to fish, one about 6meters and the other at 14m, and I basically had to bomb the rig in and not move it or I would constantly come back with weed. I fed 3 chopped lobs and a dozen dendras with some caster after each fish and simply alternated between the 2 lines all day, this seemed to work quite well for me as most times I had a bite on each feed, although I'm not particularly a fan of catching eels, more because I got through a pack of hooks than anything else, and despite being way off the pace on the individual front, something about the days fishing seemed quite enjoyable! More so when our team won on the day with 30 out of 36points. Not a bad result on what proved a rather Peggy river!

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